Letting Go…..

I have just returned from the Knysna Book Festival. What a brilliant little festival. Once again I listened with pride as a mix of South Africans, coming from completely different places, socially, geographically, historically and in age, shared opinions, laughed at differences and badgered each other in turn giving  the[…]

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Letting Go………

Assumption is something I do all to often, and unfortunately mostly I assume the worst.  This Friday I had to Go to Parys to do a gig, I say “have too” because that is how I felt. I spent the week whinging about going,  so you can imagine my surprise[…]

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Letting Go..

As I attend my first computer lesson, I would like to thank Karen for helping me to begin my process of “Letting Go” in this case my fear (amongst many) of social network  

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